InterDB – Project monitoring system


With the InterDB system, R.G.IT BV offers a fully operational monitoring system for management and control of EU-Structuralfunds programs e.g. INTERREG-programs. The complexity of various actors and different international rules has been transformed into a user friendly application, in which every partner manages his tasks and workflow steps at his own computer at home or in the office. The InterDB system has been used and fully tested for over several years by the INTERREG IIIA and IVA Programs Germany-Netherlands and Maas-Rhine and was certified by the EC and the ministry of economic affairs in the Netherlands. With all-time personal support and short communication lines, InterDB could be implemented easily and comfortable in all European countries. A full description with some pictures can be downloaded here.

InterDB – Interreg V

The InterDB monitoring system is currently being used by the German-Dutch Interreg V programme. The tool is fully web based and contains an improved user interface. It also includes document and message exchange options to allow easier communication between the partners, lead-partner and program secretariat while reducing paper flows and insecure emails (e-cohesion) Direct SFC communication is supported.

InterDB – Project monitoring system

The InterDB monitoring system monitors projects and administrates programs. Starting with the lead partner who uses the system to apply for funding by entering an application form. Each version of this application is stored and can be retrieved later. A workflow process is linked to the project so that each step in the decision process can be registered. Important documents can be uploaded to the system. Once an application is approved, the progress can be monitored. Financial data can be entered or imported (using excel as a template). These costs are then automatically calculated towards financial participation of each of the financers, using the last approved finance plan from the application form. Each cost collection is linked to its own workflow that follows it from entry to approval. Each step leaves an audit trail. Once released for payment, the system shows the cost collection in the project payment screen. Here payments and/or pre-payments can be made for the EU-fund or for those financers that you specified that the payments will be made using this system. InterDB keeps track of the available funds. Each period (e.g. 6 months) the lead partner has to fill in a certain checklist (questionnaire) and mark the results of the indicators (InterDB includes an additional set of indicators to monitor publicity). These data can be printed out using the progress report. On programme level, the results of the projects are summarised to show the progress of the programme. Using the standard reports or the report generator extensive information can be obtained. N+2 rules can be estimated and SFC reports can be pre-viewed. The following SFC reports can be generated from InterDB and be uploaded to the SFC system: Payment request, Payment forecast and Annual report. There the user can login (using the access codes from the SFC) and verifies and approves the uploaded data. Thus InterDB only prepares the reports within the SFC. Once SFC approves the data, InterDB can download the SFC results.


  • Web based application
  • User friendly
  • Lead partner has direct access to his projects
  • Central database (fully accessible by the customer, Ms-SQL 2008 R2 or newer)
  • Database can be used to supply data for program website (i.e. project search engine)
  • Communication is fully encrypted over HTTPS (port 443)
  • Supported languages: English and up to three other languages
  • Access rights can be defined for individual users
  • Linked to the central EC monitoring system (SFC).
  • Fully conforms to the EU regulations VO (EG) 1080/2006 and 1083/2006. It delivers all the documents as described in regulation (EG) 1828/2006